About me

I'm a printmaker based at Thames-Side Studios in London. My work ranges from etchings and aquatints to linocuts and woodcuts. The technique I use depends on the ideas behind the pieces and the effects I want to create.

There are a few different themes in my work, but broadly I like to convey atmosphere, explore our relationship with the natural world, and encourage stories to form around the images. I'm interested in how the familiar can become suddenly strange because of a change in weather, light or time, and that locations experience things that we may or may not witness. What happened before or after the moment depicted? Is something happening right now, just out of view? What was it like there a hundred years ago?

My editions are limited to small runs because I print them all myself, and I want to make new work as well. It's important to me to print them myself because I feel it creates a physical link between me and each print in an edition as I go through the meticulous process of preparing paper, inking and wiping the plate and printing it by hand, using a press or sometimes even the back of a wooden spoon, depending on the type of print. This physical creation of work, both in the plate-making and in the printing, is one of the things that first drew me to printmaking. While modern life is full of technology and lived at a dash, printmaking can't be rushed – each step must be carefully carried out and adjustments must be made for things like the changing temperature of the room. It's always exciting for me to peel back the paper to see the print I've just made. My heart races every time.