About me

Inking up an etching plate in my studio at Thames-Side Studios, London

Inking up an etching plate in my studio at Thames-Side Studios, London

I’m a printmaker based at Thames-Side Studios in London. I make my work in the print studio there and in my own studio on the same site, and I’m a member of Greenwich Printmakers, an artist-run gallery in Greenwich Market.

I primarily work in etching and aquatint, but if another technique will suit an idea better, I’ll change my method. It depends on the image and the effect I want to create.

I like to convey atmosphere, explore our relationship with the natural world, and inspire imagined stories. I'm interested in how the familiar can become suddenly strange because of a change in weather, light or time, and the idea that places experience things that we may or may not witness. I aim to create the feeling that my work captures a moment when something is about to happen, or the air is still resonating from an event in the past.

In my prints of wildlife, each bird or animal is based on an individual I’ve spent time observing. I aim to convey the character and behaviour of that particular creature, recording my experience and exploring the idea of watching and being watched. I put a particular focus on claws, feathers and beaks – the tools that have evolved to help it survive.

I print all my work by hand in small, limited editions. This physical creative process is one of the things that first drew me to printmaking. While modern life is full of technology and lived at a dash, printmaking can't be rushed – each step must be carefully carried out and fine adjustments must be made to cater for things like the changing temperature of the room. It's always exciting for me to peel back the paper to see the print I've just made. My heart races every time.

My work is available at Greenwich Printmakers, 1a Greenwich Market, SE10 9HZ, open daily 10.30am-5.30pm, or you can contact me.

My studio at Thames-Side Studios

My studio at Thames-Side Studios

Recent exhibitions

June 2019: ‘South London Printmaking’, Landmark Arts Centre, London

June 2019: Thames-Side Studios Lounge, London

May 2019: ‘Celebrate!’, Gallery 101, London

May 2019: Early summer exhibition, Greenwich Printmakers

March 2019: Spring exhibition, Greenwich Printmakers

January 2019: New Year exhibition, Greenwich Printmakers

November 2018: Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair with Thames-Side Print Studio

November 2018: Prints for Presents, Greenwich Printmakers

September 2018: Elected a member of Greenwich Printmakers

July 2018: Impress: Contemporary Printmaking from Thames-Side Print Studio, Lumen, London

June-August 2018: The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018

October/November 2017: ‘Serendipity’, The Harvey Gallery, Guildford

July 2017: The Art Academy Annual Print Show 2017, London

October/November 2016: ‘Diversity’, The Harvey Gallery, Guildford